Available Positions


05/01/20 – Ph.D. student or postdoctoral fellow with a background in population genetics / computational biology / statistics for an ERC-funded project at Adi Stern’s Lab at TAU. More info

7/7/19 – Postdoctoral or a visiting scientist position in computational biology – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. More info

7/7/19 – Lead Bioinformatics in Novocure More info

19/2/18 – Taliaz is seeking for a creative Bioinformatician, with passion for machine learning and data analyses. More info

18/6/17 – The Avraham lab at the Weizmann Institute is seeking a motivated bioinformatician (student or intern) for the study of host-pathogen genomics. More Info

20/11/16 – Available positions in Noam Kaplan’s lab at the Technion Medical School. More info

6/6/16 – Computational research associate position available in Tomer Kalisky’s lab in Bar-Ilan University. More info

31/5/16 – Accelta, located in Haifa, is hiring a bioinformatics expert. More Info

31/12/15 – Taliaz Diagnostics is seeking for a creative Data scientist/Bioinformatician More Info

30/12/15 – Haran’s lab at the Technion is seeking a bioinformatician. More Info

14/12/15The Savir lab is seeking an MSc/PhD student for a computational biology project on enzyme evolution. For more info contact: yoni.savir@tx.technion.ac.il


16/11/15 – The Landau lab at the Technion is seeking a student with background in computer science for a project in computational biology. The project includes application of protein design software as well as writing simple algorithms to advance biological insights into the connection between infections and neurodegenerative diseases.  Lab website: http://mlandau.net.technion.ac.il. For more information and applications please contact Meytal Landau (landau.meytal@gmail.com)

2/9/15 – The Landau Lab at the New York Genome Center and the Cornell Medical College is seeking candidates for postdoctoral positions More info

26/7/15 – Bioinformaticians required for Massive Reverse Genomics (MRG) project. More

13/7/15 – Bioinformatician required for ReThink, a growing startup company. More

24/6/15 – Bioinformatician required for Taliaz Diagnostics. More

30/11/14 – Bioinformatics Post-Doc Positions–Evolution Institute, Haifa University. More info

30/11/14  An open position at the Hebrew University: Bioinformatician for Deep Sequencing Data Analysis  More info

30/11/14 – Algorithmic Challenges in Genomics will be held at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing in UC Berkeley in Spring 2016 More info

20/11/14 – Bioinformatic students needed for the Shalgi Lab at the Medicine Faculty at the Technion More info

20/11/14 An open position at the Technion Genome Center: Bioinformatician for Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis More info

 17/11/14 – Bioinformaticians require for SPICE Center in BGU More info

12/11/14 Breeding database management at the Volcani Center  More info

5/11/14 – MSc in TAU More info


22/11/14 Open Position of Translational Medicine Bioinformatician at Rabin Medical Center (Bailinson hospital)  More info

15/7/14 –  A student is required for site handling in Masha Niv’s lab at Rehovot More info

30/6/14 –  Looking for a bioinformatician in the lab of Noam Stern-Ginosar at Weizmann More info

15/6/14 – Open position in Prof. Yechezkel Kashi’s lab in Biotechnology and Food Engineering faculty. More info

10/6/14 – Open position at the Technion Genome Center More info

9/6/14 – Open position (half time job) at BioRap Technologies. More info

6/6/14 – Available positions in Ruth Heshberg’s lab. More info

1/6/14 – Prof. Ramit Mehr’s Computational Immunology Lab in Bar-Ilan University is looking for students at all stages – BSc projects, MSc and PhD. More info

1/6/14 – Open positions for students in Tomer Shlomi’s Lab at the Technion. More info

28/5/14 – A position of Bioinformtician at Prof. Shapiro lab in Weizmann is open More info

18/5/14 – The lab of  Prof. Peled from Rabin Medical Center is seeking an experienced Bioinformatician to their new Personalized Medicine Center.More info

12/5/14 – POSTDOC position in COMPUTATIONAL CANCER GENOMICS at Bar-Ilan University, the Faculty of Medicine in Galilee. More info

11/5/14 –  Computational biologist position in Agilent Labs, Petach Tikva, Israel. More info

28/4/14 – Students for immunoinformatics research at Ben-Gurion university More info

30/3/14 – Positions in the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology, University of Haifa More info

10/3/14 – A Bioinformatics position is open at the Prof. Pilpel & Prof. Shapiro labs at Weizmann More info