Genomics Core Facility – Faculty of Medicine

Research Interests:

The Genomics Core Facility in the Faculty of Medicine provides advanced custom technologies and services for academic and medical researchers, companies and institutions.

For over five years we have been supporting research along the entire project trajectory, from initial experimental design through high-quality experimentation and finally customized data analysis. Our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced scientists, experts in all aspects of genomic analysis and bioinformatics.

Main projects in the lab:

Our goal is to provide genomic services to meet the demands of academic researchers, clinician scientists at hospitals, and scientists in pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our service is comprehensive, reliable and attentive manner. We aim to function as one stop shop offering user-friendly and personalized genomic solutions to our ever growing clientele.

Are there any open positions in the lab?

We are currently looking for a bioinformatician for a half-time job. Requirements:

PhD in Molecular Biology and/or Genetics.

Expertise in large-scale genomics data, especially NGS.

Familiarity with re-sequencing, de novo-seq, RNAseq and ChIPseq.

Knowledge in writing scripts in R/perl/Java.

Experience in building analysis pipelines for genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics.

Please send CV to Liat Linde

Lab website:\Pg31.asp